Natural green diamonds

Green diamonds can be found in either a pure color or with color overtones, and evoke feelings of peace, tranquility, renewal and the connection to mother nature.

Natural green diamonds are fairly new to the market and also very rare. Some natural green diamonds will have nickel present in its structure; the absorption of nearby radiation is what makes it green. This process occurs when the diamond is traveling to the earth’s surface. The hue is generally confined to the surface and more towards the yellowish green side. Their attributes are low in tone and in saturation.

1.37 carat, Fancy Light Yellow Green Diamond, Cushion Shape, VS1 Clarity, GIA

1.37 carat, Fancy Light Yellow Green, Cushion shape Diamond with VS1 clarity, graded by GIA. A fine Green Diamond that’s simply dazzling to the eye. The stone has Excellent polish and Good symmetry. For more information about this item please contact our customer service department.