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A first-rate business sense and nerves of steel teamed with wide-ranging experience and technical expertise and education have made professional diamond dealer Katerina Pitzner a pivotal player on the international diamond stage.

Katerina Pitzner deals directly on the world’s largest diamond exchanges and directly through professional polishers on behalf of both private clients and specialist investors. She does business all over Europe and Asia and is an expert in the diamond market – both from an outside investor’s point of view and from an insider’s perspective in a closed market that is not in the habit of opening its doors to just anyone.

To establish herself as a player in the diamond market, with clients who include royalty and celebrities, Katerina Pitzner has applied her sound business acumen and a flair for matching her clients with exactly the right stone – both in its capacity of attractive consumer product and astute investment. Finding this perfect match is an art and there is no room for mistakes.

Katerina Pitzner is also the founder and CEO of Diamant Børsen, which sells exclusive diamond jewelery.


As a tribute to the beauty of the diamond, she has also designed her own signature jewelry, INFINITY, which is a classic simple but exclusive jewelry series consisting of necklace, ring, ear studs and bracelet. The INFINITY series, which i.a. worn by high-ranking individuals in the Danish royal family and other leading figures, has become a coveted jewelery collection that can only be acquired via Diamant Børsen and


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